This no-slip yoga towel is great because it has a rubber back and holds together great in the wash! Perfect for hot yoga because it doesn't slip off your mat. 

My recommended yoga mats, yoga books and yoga props

Listed below are a few of my favorite books and yoga gear items. People often ask me about my favorite yoga mats, books, etc so I put a small list together. I personally have purchased and used ALL of theses products.

Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Love this bag - lots of room for mat, towel and all other essentials! Comes in other colors and designs too. 

Yoga instructor AZ

Some of my favorite books! 

Use this EVERY week in my classes. Beautiful imagery for meditations.

Breaks down Yoga Nidras in easy to understand terms. This book is full of insight.

​​These are the mats that I bring to class for my students. I like that they are a bit thicker than your standard mat and they come in many vivid colors!

I like these blocks becase they are 9x6x4 and other blocks are skinner. 

I like the firmess of this bolster. Some can be too soft. 

I personally use one of these Manduka mats everyday! They are thick and don't peel. If you need a heavy duty mat this is perfect.  Love it!!

This book has great information on the philosphy and history of yoga. 

​Also has a wonderful translation of the Yoga Sutra of Pananjali in the back of the book.

All these come in multiple colors and/or designs. 

Gets to the heart of breathing techniques.  Easy to read and understand. 

Easy read and makes you really think about how we perceive the world through filters. 

A Few of My Favorite Yoga Mats, Books & Props 

Still reading this book and I will have to continue to read it again and again. Great translation of this sacred text.

All three of these accessories come in multiple colors. 

Please note: All of tese items would be purchased and fulfilled through Amazon and not me personally. 

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I personally like the 10 ft strap although it does come in different sizes. 

Really anything by Thich Nhat Hanh.  He is one of my all-time favorites!

Fascinating man and book and I am still reading it and learning so much.