​​​​​​"Renee began training me about a month after I had major surgery for breast cancer. Renee started teaching me some stretches, breathing techniques and meditation to aid in the healing process. Before the first sessions, it took a lot of effort to raise my arms from my side to above my head.

Renee was supportive and encouraged me to go at a pace that I was comfortable with. She showed me several gentle stretches that would help to restore range of motion in my arms. I was thrilled after a couple of sessions that I was able to raise my arms above my head with no pain.

The guided meditation sessions were a big help in relieving stress. I realize now that even after the surgery, I was still carrying around the stress of the cancer diagnosis. After the meditation, I felt a long overdue sense of calm. I was not very familiar with yoga before I meet with Renee.

I can say that I am overjoyed at the positive impact the sessions have played in my recovery process. Renee is a caring and genuine teacher. "

Kim H, - Private Lessons

​​​​​​How Yoga can help Cancer Patients and Survivors 

The American Cancer Society 

Association for Cancer Research

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Cancer Institute is a part of the NIH 


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Yoga for Cancer Resources

  • This article is from the American Cancer Society and states, "Many cancer patients and survivors use ancient mind-body practices and other complementary therapies to help manage the emotional and psychological side effects that often result from cancer diagnosis and treatment."

  • This is an article fromAssociation for Cancer Research regarding the effect of yoga on those cancer survivors suffering from Impaired Sleep Quality. It demonstrates the effect yoga can have in eliminating the use of over the counter and prescription sleep medications. 

  • This is an article from US National Library of Medicine - National Institute of Health regarding the effect of yoga on the effects of memory difficulty and sleep.  It showed that yoga “significantly reduced” the patient's reported memory difficulty. 

  • This article is from Wiley Online Library and shows a study by the American Cancer Societyon how mediation can help decrease distress and cortisol levels in cancer patients.

  • This link is on the Yoga Alliance website and references mulitple articles regarding cancer and yoga. 

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​Guided Meditation Facilitator

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​​    A few of the benefits of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

can have for Cancer Patients and Survivors: 

​Less Fatigue

Less Nausea

​Better Sleep

Increases Flexibility

Increases Range of Motion

Decreases Memory Difficulty

​Less Pain Medications Taken

Less Sleep Medications Taken

Decreases Inflammation in the Body 

​Less Anxiety 

Less Depression​

Lowers Cortisol Levels (Stress Horomone)

Increases Social Connections

I have found that practicing yoga with people who have or recovering from cancer to be inspiring and life-altering. In working with these students (as with many other students), I have noticed that there is often a disconnection between the mind and the body and yoga with meditation helps to restore this connection. 

When there is pain in everyday movements that was non-existent before surgery, yoga can help restore flexibility and range of motion. And with a cancer diagnosis, emotional issues can arise, such as feelings of sadness, fear, as well as, changes in body image that need to be addressed. I have found that meditation can be very helpful to these students in finding balance, acknowledgement and acceptance of these feelings. Through gentle movement, breathing and mediation, yoga can aid in your healing process.  

Yoga has been scientifically proven to help cancer patients and survivors by lessening the effects of treatments (less fatigue and nausea), lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone) and by helping the mind become more calm and at peace. 

And on a personal note, last year one of my best friends was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. While watching her fight this terrible disease, I felt helpless but knew deep in my heart that yoga could help her and that is why I began training in this specialty and why it is so dear to my heart.    

Research on Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors

" Renee is meticulous in her work, dedicated to excellence and just a joy to get to know. As we uncover the dense topic of cancer, Renee constantly finds new research and insights. It is very gratifying to know that such soulful teachers are working with cancer survivors. "

Jean Di Carlo-Wagner

E-RYT500,Yoga Therapist, San Diego, CA ​​


Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Patients